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Blacdoor Enterprises, Inc.
Your number one source for an experienced and qualified tutor! 
The tutor is a highly knowledgeable professional, with a
Bachelor's Degrees in Marketing, Master's in Public Administration, as well as a Master's Certification in School Administration.
The tutor is licensed in both North Carolina and Virginia to provide supervision/instruction in:
School Administration PreK-12
Business and Information Technology
Marketing Education
History and Social Sciences
Middle Ed: 6-8 History/Social Sciences

The tutor is also a North Carolina Real Estate Broker (#203267).

Welcome to Blacdoor Learning Center

Every parent has an opportunity to assist students in performing at their peak level in school. When the proper tools are placed in reach for parents and students, it makes the school year less stressful for everyone. As an educator for over 20 years and raising my own children, I have learned that students who start with a solid foundation will benefit long-term in life. 

Imagine:  Your child is introduced to material that will be covered in their upcoming grade level or concepts that they struggled with in their class. Preparation is a powerful tool. Arming students with foreknowledge is beneficial. Blacdoor will provide virtual tutorials that are developed to enhance student learning goals.


Blacdoor has created courses in a Learning Management Platform that is simple to use and provides parents with the tools needed to work a little each day with their child, completing modules to introduce or review concepts they will or have learned in school or older students who can navigate the tutorials independently.   If your child struggled in their current grade-level courses, use these resources to get them caught up before or during the school year. Videos, activities, games, etc. are incorporated in the lessons to revisit and review as often as is needed. Just 30 minutes 3-5 days per week could make an impact on learning without being pressured by whole group classes that must move forward to meet state-specific standards, 


We are grateful to all who select Blacdoor to open doors of opportunity for students.


Blacdoor is a family-owned multifaceted business that invests our time to positively impact and serve others. 



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Blacdoor Enterprises, Inc. provides quality tutoring lessons for students. Our goal is to help our clients reach their academic goals and build confidence in their studies. With our tutor, we offer a virtual, one-on-one approach to learning through an online course that is easy to navigate for students and parents/guardians. These lessons will allow parents/guardians to prepare their child for academic success. These lessons will also help reiterate what students may have learned previously. The tutorials listed below are available for purchase. We strive to provide the best educational experience possible and are dedicated to helping students succeed.

Get Tutorials Specific to the Area of Need!

Clients will receive up to four-hours of lessons specific to their academic areas of opportunity.

Tutorial Examples
*Writing Papers
*Formatting Papers
*Math Test Preparation
*Science Test Preparation

*History/Social Science Test Preparation
*English Test Preparation
*Course-Specific Content 

At Blacdoor Enterprises, Inc. we are committed to providing quality educational services to students. Our experienced tutor can help students develop the skills they need to succeed in academics. For those looking to learn from the comfort of their own home, we offer virtual tutorials designed based on the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning. 

Simply select Blacdoor Enterprises, Inc. on the ClassWallet site and contact us about the tutoring area of need and you will be sent information. Tutorial lessons will be developed within seven days based on the areas of need:  English Reading/Writing, Mathematics, Science, and/or History/Social Science. Our sessions are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve academic goals. With Blacdoor Enterprises, Inc. you can trust that you are getting high quality tutoring services.

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