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Thank you for considering a partnership with MoreBlac Enterprises, Inc. Please review the details of our company and how we are here to help small businesses gain more potential customers/clients/consumers.

We would be elated to have you partner with us.

MoreBlac Enterprises, Inc. (MB) was founded by a single mother and her three children.  Our mission is to create a system for small black businesses to thrive by supporting one another in one online location. Our vision is to create business awareness for small businesses, make a positive impact on the lives of others, and give back to communities. 

For small businesses who would like to partner with us by marketing your company on our site, we will start with a limited number of small businesses.  Those businesses will pay a small membership fee and MB will create campaigns to drive potential clients to our site to review and consider your products/services.  At a later date, MB may offer its partners an opportunity to be featured in the marketing material individually.  Small businesses are required to provide information for consumers/clients/customers to contact them directly for their products/services.

MB is not responsible for partner product/service concerns.  Partners will need to be contacted directly.  MB will also sell products of their own on the site. MB is not in direct competition with our partners.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for buyers to select and support small businesses.  MB is not responsible for vetting businesses, but will address and reserves the right to end any partnership.  Please see the partnership page to get your businesses started.  Remember, we are only taking 15 partners to start.  Partners will be notified of ads that have been placed and MB may provide statistical data from time-to-time on clicks and visits.

As the company grows, and it will, we expect our partners to agree to the ethical standards we set forth in the Partners page. We ask that our partners consider making a purchase or hire other partners for service(s) when possible.  As the network grows, there will be multiple opportunities for partners to support partners.   


The Team at MoreBlac!  

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